21 February 2008

first business in, my book stamp

One of my favorite things about collecting books over the years, are the stories about where the books have been. I have always tried to get books stamped by the independent book sellers, as a reminder of a trip I was on, or a store I discovered. It always seems to help put my changing tastes into context as to where I was. If they don't have a store stamp, I try to get a bookmark, or something, anything with the store's information. It is also quite fun to purchase a book in, say, Ashland, OR and find that it had been stamped by a store in Omaha. What a journey that book has made, and I begin to dream about the owners of the book.

One of the books i have that stands out is Baudelaire's Invitation to the Voyage. Inside the cover there is a hand written inscription that reads: " 17 May '01, Warmest first anniversary Jonathon! May our journey bubble always with "richness, quietness, and pleasure" suculent (sp), enduring love, Elisabeth"
Baudelaire, you wrecker of relationships!

Well, I received, in the mail today, the stamp i designed to go into my books. it is the image above. I still can't believe we are actually doing this.

In other news, I just ordered multiple copies of a a few of David Rovics' CDs. Along with that, I was accepted to be a distributor of AK Press' catalogue. This means that any items on AK Press' website can be purchased through me. I have been reading AK Press since around 1995 or so when one of the most influential bands in my life, Propagandhi, introduced them to me, and I have always admired the work they do. Check them out at www.akpress.org.

For now, keep reading!

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BAUDELAIRE KICKS MAJOR MAJOR ASS! sticks and stones forever!